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When I first opened The Blue Shinra Project ten years ago, I didn't give much thought as to what it would be like on February 2, 2012, or even if it would still be around. Well, it's still here, as am I; however, as much else has changed over the years, I felt that that the BSP hadn't. At one point I was even considering closing it altogether, but couldn't bring myself to do so, and therefore decided to change it instead.

The first thing you'll probably notice is the name change. This site is henceforth known as the Blue Shinra Archive, since Blue Shinra's status as a "project" ended quite some time ago. The Blue Shinra Archive's purpose is mainly to serve as a permanent home for my fanfiction, as well as the hub it's always been for my fanart and other assorted projects.

Speaking of projects, I've shut a number of them down, or removed them. A number of other changes have been made as well. Here's a rundown:

  • Mystery Moogle, Wanzer Garage, and ShinraTours have closed. These are all sites I'm no longer interested in maintaining, for various reasons.
  • ClawCo. Insanity Network is closed. I had been hosting this site, owned and operated by EmpyClaw, for several years, and during the course of the BSP's overhaul into the BSA, he gave me the okay to delete it. Empy's epic FFVII humor fanfic Final Fantasy Cheese is still available to read at the Final Fantasy VII Citadel.
  • The link to my blog on LiveJournal has been removed. This is because I'm no longer active there; if this changes in the future, or if I start up another regular blog outside of LJ, the "Blog" link will return. If you still need this link for whatever reason, here you go.
  • The "Unfinished Works" section under "Fanfiction" has been removed. All of the fics in that section were ones I have absolutely no intention of returning to. Note that AVALANCHE Chronicles, which is currently unfinished, is still available, as I am still working on it (however slowly).
  • Two pages and all of the Tiny Sites & Mini-Shrines have been removed from "Miscellany". The individual pages removed are the Wallpaper/Goodies and Quiz ones. Again, these were features I was no longer interested in having on the site.
  • The link for Reunion Tracks has been moved to "Miscellany". As the only site left in the "Hosted" section lacking its own URL, it felt out of place.
  • The Links page has been moved to "Miscellany" and updated. Not much else to say about that...
  • ETA: The "Loveless" graphic in the bottom left has been removed. Forgot to mention this earlier, and it's such a minor thing, but there you go. Another small cosmetic change is that there is now one update on the main page, as opposed to the old six.
I think that about covers it. As usual, please let me know if there are any technical errors.

During our brief discussion about the closing of ClawCo, Empy said it was the "end of an age." He was talking about ClawCo, but the same holds true for this site, which has been through a lot these past ten years. It's nowhere near the "Project" it used to be, but I think its new title suits it even better. Thanks to everyone who has helped out with this site and its fanfics, fanart, and satellites, as well as to everyone who wrote in over the years simply to say that they liked something. I hope you will all continue to visit, even if it's just once in a blue moon.

The Blue Shinra Project ~ February 2, 2002 - February 2, 2012
... noli manere in memoria ...