Here's where I store everything that doesn't fit into any of the other categories:

Reeve's Northeast Corridor Anime and J-Pop Shopping Guide - A comprehensive listing of numerous stores, from New York City to Philadelphia, where one can pick up anime, manga, and much more.

The Grand List of Fanfiction Clichés - An attempt to catalogue the most overused ideas in all of fanfiction.

Final Fantasy VII Citadel Works - Articles, FAQs, essays, and other stuff originally written for the Final Fantasy VII Citadel.

Roleplay Seminar - A series of rants, originally written for the FFVII Citadel's messageboard-based Roleplay, and later compiled for the short-lived Citadel Roleplay Site in roughly the form that you can see here.

April Fool's Day - Or, "The Internet Goes Batshit Day". I participated in the wackiness once upon a time, and archived here is the evidence.

Links - Some favorite sites.