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       This site was founded as "The Blue Shinra Project" (aka "the BSP") on February 2, 2002. Its main purpose was to serve as a permanent home for a fanfic I was writing titled Blue Shinra, and the name continued to be used long after said fic was completed. On the tenth anniversary of the site, its name was changed to the more appropriate "The Blue Shinra Archive" and its content was pared back to what I felt were the most essential and/or popular features.
       In addition to the main site, there were several satellites, including character shrines, a webring, and a humorous "tourist guide" dedicated to the FFVII world—which predated the BSP itself. Out of these sites, one of them has outgrown the BSP and has become largely separate (Brain Scrap House) and only one other, the FFVII Citadel community directory Reunion Tracks, had been preserved, though it was listed under "Miscellany"; Reunion Tracks was shut down for good less than a month after the BSP's name change. A full list of these dead sites can be found on the Links page under "Miscellany".
       Speaking of the Citadel, the BSP (now the BSA, of course) has been that site's official host since September 2004, and will remain as such for as long as necessary.
       A blog was also a common, consistent feature of the BSP since its inception—either hosted here or via LiveJournal—but the BSA has no such thing. To keep up with my doings, please refer to my Twitter account, found on the Links page under "Miscellany".

Legal Disclaimer:

       Final Fantasy VII and all related indicia are copyright and/or trademark Square Enix Co., Ltd. All other properties are copyright their respective holders.
       Unless otherwise noted, all original content is copyright 2000-2012 The Blue Shinra Archive. All sites hosted by the Blue Shinra Archive are non-profit.

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       As this is a private archive, no outside submissions are accepted unless otherwise noted.

Content Usage Policy:

       If you would like to use any original content from this site, please contact me with your inquiry, and be sure to include details on how said content will be used. Approvals for use of content will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Unauthorized use (including plagiarism and remote-linking) of any content from the Blue Shinra Archive and/or its hosted sites is not tolerated, and will be dealt with accordingly.

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       The current version of the site should be compatible with the current versions of all of the major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, etc.). If you have trouble viewing this site, please contact me with the details, and be sure to mention the browser used.


Credits and Thanks:

       Cyrus Dogstar, Gavin Mitchell, Darwin Delantri, Empy Claw, Dravven, Vincent's Angel, and CloudANDTidus.

Last revised February 2012