The Final Fantasy VII story, as told through the experiences of Shinra's employees. A tragedy in three acts.

On this particular stage, there are a great many players, but only seven of which from whose eyes we witness this drama unfolding. The determined young Elena, a talented technician who longs to join the Turks. The Turk leader Tseng, who carries out his work with dignity, though never at the expense of friendship. The handsome Vice President Rufus, who harbors great ambitions and the will to see them through. The firecely passionate Reno, who can be as serious as he can be lackadaisical. The strong and stoic Rude, a disciplined, albeit introverted, fighter. The soldier Zack, witness to a fell incident, to whom fate plays an unexpected hand. And finally Reeve, a man faced with crises both at work and in his personal life.

The collective experiences of these seven stretch back to the Wutai War and before, and it is through their various connections to each other that this tale takes shape.

The first scene of Loveless was posted on the Blue Shinra Project in June 2002; the last in April 2006. The version of Loveless here before you is the final revision, which was posted a few chapters at a time between April 2007 and May 2008.

Loveless Preludes, a series of short story prequels to Loveless, officially began in October 2004 and is ongoing. Ghost Stories, a multi-chaptered sequel to Loveless, began serialization in May 2008 and was completed in September 2008. (Warning: Loveless Preludes and Ghost Stories contain major spoilers for Loveless itself)

General Warnings: Loveless, Loveless Preludes, and Ghost Stories are for mature readers only. In addition, there is some seinen-ai/yaoi content.

Special Note to Cosplayers: I have received some requests to allow my fanfic to be published as a book, mainly for the purpose of Crisis Core-related cosplay. All of these requests have been turned down, and any and all similar ones will also be rejected in the future. There are too many sticky legal considerations to deal with when it comes to publishing fanfic, and on top of that, my story, as noted below, has nothing to do with the Compilation of FFVII—in fact, it was written and completed well before Crisis Core came out, even in Japan.

Most Recent Update: October 20, 2010 - Omake section disabled (temporarily?).

Loveless is based on Final Fantasy VII's canon; every effort was taken to ensure that nothing in this work of fanfiction contradicts any aspect of the source material. The following resources have been used for research purposes: the PC version of Final Fantasy VII; DigiCube's Final Fantasy VII International Memorial Album (which contains the full script of FFVII. Despite the fact that it's almost entirely in Japanese, it's a great source for screenshots and to check on continuity) and Final Fantasy Complete Works Vol. 2: VII through X; the Final Fantasy VII Official Establishment File (a Japanese game guide; publisher unknown); The Final Fantasy VII Citadel, an invaluable source of information; and Little Chiba's FFVII Script, available via the Citadel's Game Information section.

Note that although a lot of the content of this fic is directly based on the game, a good deal of it (for instance, the Turks' last names and backstories) is entirely of my own invention.

Special note regarding the Compilation of FFVII: Since Loveless was begun long before Advent Children was first announced, any canon and/or retcon first introduced via the Compilation is not taken into account.

Credits and Thanks
A big thanks to my beta readers over the years, in particular Cyrus Dogstar, Darwin Delantri, and Gavin Mitchell, for their advice, comments, corrections, and suggestions.

I'd also like to thank all of my readers who stuck with me through the end of Loveless as it was first posted on the Blue Shinra Project. An extra special thanks goes out to everyone who ever sent me an email, commented in my blog or deviantART account, or otherwise got in touch with me just to tell me they liked the story; your encouraging words helped me see this project through to its end.

—Reeve Kasahara, April 2007