All stories are written by Reeve unless otherwise noted.

  • Blue Shinra - An epic set in Post-Meteor Final Fantasy VII. Original game canon; revised edition.

  • Loveless - The FFVII story from the Shinra point of view (original game canon). This is the final revision, now with its own site, which includes the main epic, Loveless Preludes, and the Advent Children-inspired sequel, Ghost Stories. (mature readers only, seinen-ai content)

  • AVALANCHE Chronicles - An alternate universe epic that attempts to answer the question: what would FFVII be like in a world where Jenova never existed? Original game canon; ongoing.

  • The Girl From Interpol - An Azumanga Daioh story that takes place roughly ten years after the gang's graduation from high school. Originally written for NaNoWriMo 2004. (mild shoujo-ai content)

  • Short Stories - Mostly original game canon FFVII, plus some Advent Children for good measure.